New ways of advertisement

Augmented reality takes the traditional advertising and promotion methods to a whole different level, allowing marketers and advertisers to advertise their products and services in totally new ways. Smartphone users have already embraced this cutting-edge technology and realized its benefits in real life.

Augmented reality ads are impressive, which means, their capabilities inspire marketers and advertisers to come up with creative ads and endless eye catching ideas to impress their customers and connect with them in emotional ways. Unlike images or banners, for instance, Augmented reality ads are interactive and vibrant and allow the consumers to interact with them.

Why ar:marketing?

  • Augmented reality extends your ads with interactive multi-medias, 3D models and 3D animations
  • You can extend existing paper ads and bring them back to life with new amazing designs
  • Everyone who uses smartphones or tablets will enjoy your new ads
  • Ads will be more fun
  • People tend NOT to keep the paper ads
  • Augmented reality ads are cheaper and way easier to update and distribute

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