Remote collaboration

Our ar:assist solution enhances the employee-to-employee or customer-to-employee communication by integrating augmented reality with a video communication call. Such integration extends the functionalities of traditional video call and makes it more effective.

In a typical industrial scenario, our ar:assist solution allows the remote field technicians and experts to connect via live video streaming and assist each other by audio, video and extra annotation toolset that augments the live video stream. Annotations and 3D models are placed by the connected parties and stay locked onto the real world, even when the camera is moved around, the annotations will persist and stick to the real world objects.

Why ar:assist?

  • Experts solve more problems/train more people in shorter time without the need to be in the location
  • Reduce ambiguity by pointing the problem directly
  • Share needed documents and tools instantly
  • Save sessions and easily retrieve them if the problem occurs again
  • Authentication, documentation and quality assurance of service and maintenance processes
  • Reduce the stress and time of service centre

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