Step-by-Step instructions

Usually, the employee uses an instruction manual in the form of paper or digital book to get information about one machine. This traditional way has many drawbacks especially when it comes to time and cost.

With our solution, we are replacing the traditional manuals with enhanced augmented reality manuals. With a smartphone intuitive user view, the up to date technical instructions and contents about the targeted machine will appear immediately. Unlike the traditional way of presenting the information, the technical instructions and contents have advanced characteristics that make them far better.

Why ar:guidance?

  • Instructions could be presented as text, hyper links, audio, video, photo or even as animated 3D models
  • 24/7 accessible and easily updated
  • The employee doesn’t have to search different manuals for different machines, the machine will be detected in real time and the corresponding instruction manual instantly provided
  • Easily integrated with other information systems
  • Presenting them in a step-by-step way according to the machine/user current state

How does it work?

This new generation of instruction manuals guarantees a significant reduction of support, training and troubleshooting time and costs.

Simply, the employee points the smartphone/tablet at the targeted machine, the machine will be recognized and the corresponding augmented reality instruction manual appears immediately.

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