We ar:assist in the COVID-19 crisis!

People have to stay safe and avoid contacting as much as they can to limit and reduce the spread of Corona virus. Here comes ar:assist to guarantee the safety of everyone and give them the ability to contact each other remotely.

Use cases - where to use ar:assist

Remote support from friends, relatives and customer support centers

People often need additional support when facing problems by installing or operating consumer products and devices. This could be because the instruction manuals are not clearly clarified, complicated or even lost. Getting to the customer can be time-consuming and, in some situations, critical. On the other hand, the customers are sometimes unable to describe the problem precisely. With ar:assist the problem could be identified more quickly and solved without the need to leave your place. On-site missions could be avoided, saving both time and resources.

Remote support for field workers

Experts can be consulted quickly and without the need to be on site. For questions or critical situations, ar:assist offers the best communication platform to support each other in case someone cannot solve a problem on his own.